Psychiatric Hell


Yesterday I had to go and see a psychiatric patient. I don't usually see these kind of patients, unless they are all kinds of crazy in the labour ward, which is common. This woman gave birth the previous day and had been all kinds of crazy during delivery AND BEYOND! She had threatened to kill her baby and now I had to go and make sure her uterus and vagina were safe. I didn't really care, I just wanted to see her and get the hell out of there.

I had to get directions to her lock up ward. It was in the dark recesses of the hospital. So far away, I had to get directions. I arrived it to find it to be a real LOCK-UP ward, with a security guard to let me in. I was then lead through to a row of individual steel cells. I had no idea how crazy this lady would really be and suddenly I was on the inside of the cell and the nurse had closed the door behind her. EEK!

Said crazy lady was sitting on her bed reading a magazine. She looked harmless, but looks can be deceiving when dealing with the crazies. I slowly went over to her and started to ask her questions about her birth. She rattled on about unrelated things and I quickly did my exam. She was perfectly fine and I made my way to the door to be let out. No one opened up for me. I then started frantically banging on the door, afraid I would never see the light of day. Eventually the nurse opened the barricade and I high tailed it out of there!

Hope that doesn't happen again soon!



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