Trumps = Fuckheads!

I know these photos have been doing the rounds, but I just have to give my own 2 cents worth...


These photos were taken 2 years ago when Eric and Donald Trump Junior went on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe. People argue that the money they spent to kill these beautiful creatures is going towards conservation. What kind of an oxymoron is that? Kill animals to protect them from being killed by others, makes no fucking sense to me.

In case you were wondering, that is not a tree stump that Don is holding, but an elephant's tail. It wasn't enough to murder it, he had to maim the animal by cutting off it's tail as proof of his power.


Wow a buffalo! You are the man, well done!


This one actually makes me want to cry! A leopard is one of the most beautiful wild animals out there. It is such a treat to get to spot one in the wild!



I wonder if they needed a stylist to choose the vast array of different shades of khaki outfits they wear? The fact that these 2 Hollywood zeros actually managed to shoot so many animals makes me think they might have been tethered in a pen and this is why we only get the "after" shots.

All I can say, is that I think it is absolutely disgusting and I would like to see one of their heads as a stuffed wall trophy!



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