Husband drinks wife's breastmilk minutes after baby is born...

Some people are simple. Some people are ugly. And some people are just plain fucking stupid!

Enter simple, ugly, stupid fucker. His wife has just had a baby. their first child. As the small family sit together, I am on the other side of the curtain with another patient and this is what I hear.

Simple-Ugly-Stupid-Fucker: No man, why doesn't he wanna drink yo milk?

Proud Mother: I don't know, maybe he's still tired from the delivery.

SUSF: *in baby voice* drink my boy, it's yummy milk. I promise!

Proud Mother: Just let him be!

SUSF: No man, he must drink. I'll show him.

*Enter lip smacking noises followed by SUSF running to sink to retch*

SUSF: Sies man! That is disgusting!

My patient: *turns to me and whispers* Did that man just drink his wife's breast milk?

LMM: *whispers back* I think so.

*We both have to suppress the urge to wet ourselves whilst giggling silently*


Some people!!!!



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