7 Links

I was recently nominated to do My 7 Links by a friend of mine, Rory. Basically it involves finding seven posts that you have written, according to certain criteria and reposting them. You then in turn nominate 5 new bloggers and so the cycle continues.

These are the posts I chose...

Most beautiful post:  Happy Anniversary

Most popular post:  Tube Wonders - Part 1

Most controversial post:  Poppy Day 

Most helpful post: Tuesday's Tips

Post that was surprisingly successful:  Patient Crush

Post that didn't get enough attention:  BFFS

Post you are the most proud of:  Labour Ward Antics  (one of my very first posts)

I actually had fun looking through past posts and reminiscing a bit. Now to hand the magic baton over...

My 5 nominees are:

what jacci did next - the adventures of a girl with too much time on her hands.

Luck Pony - a zaney girl with a cool sense of style.

Indieberries - the blog of Che

Pharside - wildly South African in London

A Million Miles from Normal - A Sunday Times columnist, author and funny chick.

Hope you had fun looking at some of my older musings and finding some new cool blogs to have a peak at!




Jacci said...

thank you friend, i shall get to it soon :)

Paige said...

hiiiii, thanks so much for the linky love. so much appreciated. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cool LMM, glad you had fun reminiscing and I read I few of yours that I had missed, some classic stories.

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