I hate London!

I have become one of those people that discuss the weather continuously! I know it is shocking. Never did I think that I would become lumped in the category of aged folk that talk about the weather in the elevator. I thought that my extended family, in a tiny village in Germany, were the only ones who were reduced to such mundane conversations, but so be it, I am now one of them.

People always say, why did you come to London if you only complain about it? I came here to travel and London's close proximity to everything being its main draw card, is how I ended up here.

My first day back at work yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system, coming back from sunny Croatia to overcast London, where it was practically dark at 5. It typically decided to pelt down with rain as I left work. My charcoal gray trousers were black up to the knee, drenched in water and my feet were swimming in my fuscia pumps. I quickly hightailed it to the tube station, opting for a closer one instead of my normal station. About 50m from the station a red double decker bus drove past and completely soaking me from head to toe. As I finally reached the sanctity of a roof, I first took off my shoes and poured out all the water and then tried to wring out my pants and hair. Once on the tube, I breathed out a sigh of relief and knew I had gotten through the worst of my journey home.


Changing lines at Piccadilly Circus, proved to be the downfall of my day. I was standing on the opposite end of the doors as we reached the stop and had to barge my way through, whilst more commuters were getting on, blocking my exit. The doors started to beep and I was still inside. I made for one massive push and finally broke free of the throng of people. Finally on the platform, I walked towards the Piccadilly Line and noticed that my entire blouse had come undone up to my belly button, flashing my bra to the world.

This is why I hate London:

- walking in the rain
- running in the rain
- walking with heavy grocery bags in the rain
- always having an umbrella in your bag
- commuting with thousands of others
- having a stinky armpit in your face for an entire tube journey
- flashing your bra to commuters (that would never happen in the privacy of one's own car)
- comparing London and Cape Town temperatures in Summer and Winter respectively, and them being the same!

I think that was enough ranting for one day!





Leanne said...

Oh well - you get summer for another week so enjoy it while it lasts! And CT is definitely not as hot this next week! :)

Jacci said...

the grey days with rain is one of the reasons that i love london!

hope today is way better with less bra flashing :)

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