A pile of POO!

Last night I was desperately trying to endure the last few hours of my shift when I caught a whiff...no not a whiff...more like stench...

In the medical field there are many disgusting smells that we face on a daily basis; the rotting flesh of a diabetic's foot, the smell of warm placenta and the lovely aroma of an unwashed person, but this was far worse.

I went off to investigate the source of this fetid fragrance. The further I walked in the A+E, the stronger it got. I ended up in the waiting room where the reception was. An inebriated homeless man had decided that this was the perfect place to take a dump. He had literally had the hugest shit in the corner and then fallen over and immersed himself in his own faeculant pile. He was then bought into the department to be seen. I flat out refused to see him and my heart went out to the nurse who undertook the mammoth task of bathing him.

Three hours later as I was taking a break and contemplating having my dinner, the whiff had made its way to the tearoom and I had to give my lasagna a miss.

Seeing patients covered in shit is a common occurrence, but that is usually due to the fact that they are aged and incontinent. This was just too much for me on a Sunday night...


Hope you had a better weekend!



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