Bag of Moans

I am doing something that I never do...posting twice in one day, but I just have to!


Today I had one of the worst days ever. Actually the last few days have been shit. Today was especially shit.

I have started working in an A+E at a new hospital. To say I hate it is putting it mildly. The nursing staff are rude. the patients are always drunk, smelly and annoying and to make matters worse I am working as an Emergency Registrar, which I am not, and means supervising junior doctors.

Lowlights of the Day:

1. Having to take my own patient to the ward. I admitted a patient. She needed to be taken to the ward. I ended up pushing her wheelchair there. All my life I have wanted to be a porter and schlep patents around the hospital! JOY.

2. A patient shat in the A+E again! Seriously? Twice in one week?

3. I got denied for a credit card. How the hell can a doctor not get a credit card in the UK? In SA they send you offers in the post... :(

4. Having a German patient. She noticed my surname was German and that was the end of it. I can speak German, but my medical vocab is terrible as I have never had to use it. So after a shit day I now had to stumble my way through explaining things like fractures and emboli in German.

5. My German patient wanted special treatment and demanded me to phone her medical insurance to explain why she should be upgraded to first class on her flight home.

6. I finally left the hospital only to be stampeded by a psych patient outside. She was German. What are the chances?

Highlights of the Day:

1. Having a G&T in the bath

2. Eating Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough out of the container for dinner.

I have a sad, sad life!




Anonymous said...

Will it make you feel better that someone read this, thought, "Gah, that sucks", and promised herself to be nicer to my GP next time I have to go there? You do amazing, though often ungrateful work. Thanks, and good luck.

Little Miss Medic said...

Anonymous - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and read this post. What a shitty day you had! But where I can really emphathize is your solution: cookie dough ice cream! Totally my solution at times too.

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