What I wanna be when I grow up...

When I go back to SA next year my dream is to start specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, or as my friends call it......va-ja-jay doctor.

Now, there are many questions that us females have when faced with all things va-ja-jay.....

Like, should you groom prior to seeing your Gynae?

Is mine ugly?

Is it weird to go to a male Gynae?


First things first. Your gynae has seem many different va-ja-jays in their career and whether you shave, wax or trim beforehand, doesn't make much of a difference to them. A male gynae hopefully has a wife at home and is not in the least bit interested in you as you lie in the stirrups, so be as professional as they are and don't let it bother you. All va-ja-jays look different and YES, some are ugly, but the ugliest thing is definitely a diseased va-ja-jay. So girls, look after your flower and make sure you don't have an STDs, UTIs or other nasties.

To keep your va-ja-jay trim and healthy click here and here for some extra tips.

Any more questions?




FarmGirl said...

Loved this! My doctor books his airtickets through me, so whenever I go on THAT day, he discusses new destinations while doing what he has to do. Takes the pressure of the whole experience. xxx

Jacci said...

my nephew is specialising as a va-jay-jay doctor and baby catcher, and loving it (he's at tygerberg hospital). always good to have doctors in the family for those awkward questions :)

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