At the beginning of this year I decided not to make any resolutions. I never stick to any of them, especially the ones involving food and exercise. BUT I have realised that subconsiously I still have made some and am intending to try and fulfill most of them. I keep thinking I still have 6 months, but it is August and I need to get cracking!!!!! These are some of them:

1. Read 52 books - am on 22 so far so not doing too badly but still 30 to go in 21 weeks EISH!

2. Travel to Spain - check :)

3. Write a short story - this I am determined to do!

4. See The Northern Lights - hopefully my cash flow will allow this

5. Do hip hop dance classes - have already found out where to go, just have to get my arse there.

6. Buy a Canon 550D

7. Eat more salads

8. Sail around Croatia - booked for September whoop whoop!

9. Watch more plays/ballets/shows - easy to do in London.

10. Have 100 blog followers - that is where you come in! Ambitious but hopefully at least 50.

What are your resolutions and how are you doing?



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Jacci said...

this year i planned on being a finisher instead of a starter...so far i'm on track with this. but my biggest goal is to get to paris!

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