Little girls will be naughty sometimes...

Yesterday I met a little girl, who was 3. Her name was Sophie and she had a bead up her nose. Her parents didn't know how long it had been there for but had noticed that she kept rubbing her nose.


After shining a light up her left nostril, I spotted a large green, plastic bead.

I explained to Sophie that she had to hold very still so I could remove the foreign body. Mom even had a chocolate for afterwards as a bribe.

Sophie looked like such a good girl, until I approached her armed with my penlight and mini forceps. She started to shake her head and screamed "I don't want to!".
Eventually we had her pinned down by Mom, Dad and a nurse. After a few attempts at grabbing the damn thing and her squirming, I finally prised the snot-covered bead from her nose.

The bead was HUGE! I showed it to them and gave it back to Sophie. She promptly shoved it up her right nostril!


I have now learnt my lesson and will never give them back the foreign body that they shoved up one orifice or another!



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Wernie said...

Next time tell them to hold their breath, and blow up the other nostril.
Saw it on TV...

Little Miss Medic said...

Wernie - I tried that :)

flutterhappy said...

Hahaha! ;) Hello, I just found your blog! ♥

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