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On my last trip to Germany to visit the Fam-Dam, I spoilt myself a bit at the Duty Free section. I have been wanting this perfume for ages and couldn't resist.


It smells delicious!!!!!!!!

My next purchases were inspired by having the day off and watching The Hills, a reality show about rich 20-somethings living in LA. My favourite has always been Lauren Conrad, who always has the most incredible make-up. So I bought these 2 items....



Now I NEVER use liquid eyeliner so my first attempt was hideous and I was in desperate need of some coaching. So who better than Lauren Conrad to help me!

She is part of a blog called The Beauty Department, which is A-MA-ZING!

Do you have any make-up tips to share? Or any new purchases?



1 comment:

Sam said...

I like Lauren's look too, but I can never achieve the perfect cat-eye. The Bobbi Brown gel liner is also easy to apply when trying to get this look.

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