Dukan Disasters

It is Day 7 today and things are were plodding along nicely until the weekend. The sheer joy I have experienced at eating salads and veggies is totally out of proportion.

Yesterday we went to a good friend's baby shower. There were snacks. Of the carbohydrate nature. And cupcakes. And pita bread. I was dying a slow and painful death inside! The Boyf was having his own internal war. All The Boys were drinking BEER!

I did allow myself to be taken in by the Carb Monster and had a pita bread and a few fries........gulp.

The Boyf decided to stick to whiskey....the healthy choice. Pouring back the whiskeys at a steady pace, lead to the incongruous feeling of merriment at a baby shower :)

Anyway the evening ended with me feeling guilty and The Boyf cooking ALL the meat in our fridge at 00:00am in his state. I woke up this morning to the stench of meat............burnt meat. Oil splattered everywhere, a blocked sink and a snoring Boyf. Let us just say that we need a better strategy for public dining!

On another happy note. Tomorrow is Little Miss Medic's 100th post, so look out tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway that could be yours.




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