Dukan Diet Day 2

If you haven't read Day 1, click here.

The meat is killing me.....literally!!!!!

I cannot force another little piece into my mouth.....NO MORE!

The rest of Day 1 was painful. For lunch I had grilled chicken breast, some ham and prawns. I ate one prawn and almost vomitted, so the rest got binned. Nausea and seafood don't really go well together. Have been feeling really dehydrated but am drinking shitloads and peeing like a donkey.

I barely made it through the day. Was feeling so tired and almost fell asleep while a patient was describing how some prostitute shoved her fingers up his bum.......

Went for dinner at a friend's house and had prewarned her about evil Dukan Dookie. She had also been following the diet and we had amazing kebabs and trout. (Thanks Cath!)

Yesterday I lost 1 kg, this morning I got on the scale and...........NOTHING!........not even 100g.......FUCK! Not sure if I can do this with no results. This sucks! I know its only Day 2 but it feels like Day 22 and I am getting ahead of myself by thinking of Day 7....ARRRGGGHHHHH!

No meat for breakfast, it really cannot be done. I had a yoghurt and stuffed my work bag with more yoghurts in preparation for my avoidance of meat.

Note: Vegans be warned.....you might DIE! if you do this diet! Literally!

Have you done any diets resulting in death?



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