Amnesia Bob Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1, see here!

I had left him again as I couldn't face answering another question. What was I going to tell him anyway, he would only ask me again when I came back. I went to the nurses' station to collect myself.

I couldn't get angry with this poor guy. He had just fallen down a flight of stairs and was now in limbo, like that guy in Memento, the movie. He couldn't make new memories and every five minutes he would "re-set". He had tattooed important things that he needed to remember on his body.

That's it! I would make him a list of what had happened.

1. You fell down your stairwell

2. The ambulance bought you to The ________________________ Hospital

3. We know that you are HIV positive and under Dr Brown

4. Your flat is secure

5. I do not know why you are wearing wellies

I went back to the cubicle.

"I've made you a list of what happened to you. If you want to ask any questions, first look at the list. If the answer isn't there, then ask me."
He took the piece of paper.

"Oh, I had a fall...........OK...........Dr Brown.........."
"I am going to do some blood tests and a CT scan of your head, so we can find out what is wrong with you. I also need to stitch that cut on your lip."
"Is it a bad cut?"

"No, but it needs a few sutures."

"Will it scar?"

"I'll do my best to make sure that it doesn't. I'll just go get a suture tray."
I returned, ready to fix his face.

"OK, so just a few stitches in your lip and then off to CT."

"What's wrong with my lip?"

"It just needs a few stitches."

"Will it scar?"

"Why don't we add this to your list!"

6. Your lip needs stitches

7. It shouldn't scar

After the stitching, he went off to CT for a brain scan. I had a moment to breathe and saw some minor patients in the meantime.

...........find out how it all ends in Part 3



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