The Royal Wedding

Sitting in a pub at 11am in London, might be construed as a bit sad, but when you are sipping English Breakfast tea and watching The Royal Wedding, it is absolute bliss.

Today was a magnificent spectacle that will surely be remembered for years to come and luckily I was here when it all went down. From getting the first glimpse of The Breathtaking Dress, the lovely nuptials and of course Harry in uniform, there was something for everyone.

And how gorgeous is Phillipa Middleton?

                                                      The First Kiss

The poor Boyf had to listen to me gush and make comments regarding every one's dress, including a minor outburst in the pub when I eventually spotted Posh and Becks.

For us commoners, it was the fairytale wedding that we dream about! But don't lose hope yet ladies........



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