My little heart was shattered into a trillion pieces when I heard that Michael Buble got married recently. Seriously? He found someone better than moi? I know it was a long shot, and by long shot, I mean to Venus and back, but still....to find out my dream crooner had married some Argentinian soapie actress, Luisana Lopilato (the alliteration drives me mad), caused me a certain amount of pain.

I haven't LOVED Michael (note first name basis) for his looks, although they aren't bad, I have loved him for his voice. When he opens his mouth and sings, I literally fall in love with him! So much so, that when he performed at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, I abandoned my family picnic spot, sprinted to the front and proceeded to scream "I love you Michael" for the full 2 hour show.

I am an admitted groupie, even The Boyf knows I would leave him in a flash for The Buble.

So imagine my horror when I see this.......

and THIS...........


I can't be nice. She is gorgeous, but that Gypsy wedding style dress is hideous, not to mention that The Buble has packed on a few pounds in the cheek area. And get this..........he offered to sing at the wedding and she said "NO, I want Ricardo Montaner." WTF? Who is that? Who in their right mind asks him not to sing and asks for some unknown loser? Seriously?

While the "happy" couple were tying the knot in Buenos Aires, their home was robbed! See what happens when you don't choose the right person Michael!

 Karma is a bitch!



1 comment:

Werner van said...

She has fake boobs. And a fake tan.
You're much hotter. Just ask Reevers

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