Spent this Saturday afternoon curled up on the couch watching the latest in the Saw series. I have been an avid fan of all the movies, although the last two have left me a bit disappointed. This one however, is BRILLIANT! Just the right amount of gore and twists. It begins with a gruesome scene of two loan officers who have to go head to head to cut off some of their own flesh. The one who hacks off more flesh in weight, wins and ultimately survives. Sounds repulsive, but I was on the edge of my seat, and it was an exceptional opening!

This movie answered a lot of questions and I loved finding out about Jigsaw's widow and how it all started with Amanda. But yet again, there are so many unanswered puzzles that there is undeniably going to be a SAW VII. Woo Hoo!

Watch it!


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Anonymous said...

I'm a Saw fan too but have missed the last few sequels and have been planning a DVD marathon to catch up.
After this review I'm even more keen and can't wait.

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