Little Miss Sad

The last few days have been extremely rough and I have aptly renamed myself Little Miss Sad. The light at the end of the tunnel is looking very far away and my dream to travel Europe next Summer, is looking even further away. I suppose the first few months of moving to a new country are always difficult and I must just persevere and it will get better. If you are feeling sad like me, here is a poem which describes how I feel.

ALONE: An Anthem For Humanity

Don't give me solitude

Because I'll have to try

To dig among my thoughts

To find a reason why.

Please busy me with work.

If there's time let me drink.

Give me philosophy

So I don't have to think.

Create more stuff to buy;

I'll shop until I drop.

Speed up the human race;

I never want to stop.

My Blackberry I need,

Computer and TV,

To occupy my mind;

Alone I cannot be.

(found here)


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