Crazy Beauty Tricks

The secrets of ageless beauty is something that women have been striving for since the beginning of time. I am going to volunteer myself to try out various beauty tricks for your benefit. That way, I can weed out the dodgey ones and let you know which ones really work. Some I've found are very mild, such as the orange body scrub or beer and mayonnaise hair treatment, but others are simply horrid and I'm not sure I love my readers that much.......bird faeces facial cream????.......or.......snake massage....

NO WAY! I have a snake phobia.

How about slug sludge....

Faeces seems to be a big topic. In Ancient Iran, hair was dyed using henna, tadpole faeces and cow's blood. In Geisha culture, bird faeces were applied to the face as part of make-up and in Ancient Greek culture, crocodile faeces were used to stop the ageing process.

So I propose that you come up with some of the things that you have heard about, but are to scared to try out, or simply don't have the time. Just post a comment and I will carry on researching weird and wonderful tricks.


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