Having been in England for only 4 weeks, I have been swept up in the excitement and drama that is the X-factor. For those of you not living in the UK, X-factor is combination of Idols and Popstars. There are 4 judges: Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue (Kylie's younger sister), Sheryl Cole (previous Girls Aloud member and Ashley Cole's ex-wife) and some Larry called Louis, who I don't have the time of day for.

So basically its at the stage where there are 9 contestants left.

This rant is about one person.


If you have watched it, you will know exactly who I am talking about.

Wagner, aka Brazilian-moustache-man-who-gives-me-the-hee-bee-jeebies. He is literally tone deaf, has long brown straigtened hair, an earring in each ear and when he opens his gold toothed mouth, I cannot understand a word he is saying. I mean, SERIOUSLY! Apparently an anti-X-factor group are the reason he is still in the competition, as they continuously vote for him. He remains there week after week, and hasn't even been in the bottom 2. It baffles me, how this hideous entertainer is still there when talented people have been kicked off already.

"I can't wait to see what will happen next week. Maybe he'll sing in tune......" says Dannii

This 54 year old man, Wagner Carillho, is known to pose in his lumo thong on a weekly basis at the local pool. He even once owned a pet lion!

Have a peek at one of his performances... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFQUzl1557M


Enjoy tonight's episode :)


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