Poppy Day

Today is Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries, to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I, on the 11th of November 1918. Lots of people have been wearing poppies as a symbol of all the blood shed in the war.

Today I was at Sainsbury's, where they had 2 minutes of silence at 11.00am to mark this day. It was so weird, as everyone was not just silent, but stood there transfixed and no one moved a muscle, but stared straight ahead. I'm all for remembering everyone that lost their lives, but to become a statue for that amount of time seems a bit overboard to me. Everyone has been wearing poppies for the last month, and whilst it is a brilliant idea and well worth remembering, it all seems a bit much. What happens to all the money made from the selling of these poppies? Am I being cold hearted and unpatriotic?
One woman was shushed and everyone glared at another, whilst she quietly unpacked her trolley. A minute of silence is very appropriate at a suitable occasion, like a service, but not in a supermarket.

37 million are said to have lost their lives during the War. 35 million Black South Africans were affected by Apartheid. You don't see South Africa having vows of silence. Apartheid, was as cruel, if not more, than any war. Apartheid only officially ended in 1994, when all South Africans were allowed to vote, 16 years ago. World War I ended 92 years ago. I fully agree with remembering things that happened previously, and giving them due respect, but living in the past, for me is tedious.

Let me know what you think?



Leanne said...

The money all goes to helping families who have lost people in all the wards as well as helping rehabilitate soldiers who have been disabled from the wars they have fought. I used to think that when I first arrived in this country - but as you spend more time here you realise how important this day is.

Catherine said...

I have to agree with Leanne. It is a very important day to all people in the Commonwealth. It is our way of remembering people who died for the freedom we live to take for granted today.

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