I've been feeling really homesick this week. Have been hating life and feeling pretty mis. So today I dragged The Boyf to Kingston for some retail therapy. There is nothing like a bit shopping to put a smile on your face! Having only just started working, the cash flow is still pretty small, so my destination ended up being.....

Primark is the place for anyone who loves a bargain. It is a great place for finding common staples, like long sleeved T-shirt tops, pumps and accessories. But beware. You will sweat. You will push. You will have to try on garments in the middle of the shop. This is what I picked up for a mere 150 quid -

some work shirts

                                                                     I heart shoes

I now have a big grin on my face and am feeling much better!

What did you do this weekend?



Bobby said...

Can't wait to unleash myself in Primark as soon as I come over in Dec :)

Catherine Gardner said...

Oh Kimmy, that has made me laugh so much. £150 in Primark is a fantastic achievement!

Anonymous said...


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