7 uses for URINE

Urine - the usually foul-smelling liquid, that seeps into your nostrils as you walk through a subway. Have no idea why, but it has been on my mind the last few days, so I decided to do a post about it, and its uses. Whilst googling urine I found many weird and wonderful things about it, but these were the 7 most useful.

1. Drinking one's first stream of the day is said to cure many ailments and is known to bleach your teeth. Drinking your own urine is called urophagia. Mix it with juice or drink it fresh and warm..........YUCK! Actually all of us have tasted our own urine- amniotic fluid. It is produced as urine by the fetus. The fetus then continously swallows it.

2. Bathing in your own urine is supposedly good for your skin, keeping it hydrated and youthful looking, so to all you gross boys that pee in the bath- you are on your way to skin rejuvenation. I think I'll stick with my normal cleansing routine thanks. Although I have used a heel cream that had urea in it!

3. Hangover cure - again involves drinking your own urine, a large percentage of which will be alcohol :)

4. If you have an annoying neighbourhood cat or dog that leaves its mark in your garden, get your man to spray his pee all over the garden to mark his territory and keep these pesky pets away.........not a bad option! and it makes your man feel MANLY

5. Urine can be used as a fertiliser..............note to all you green fingers.

6. Cures jelly fish or bluebottle stings........works like a charm

7. In Singapore, scientists have gotten a battery to produce electricity by running it on urine......WOW, gateway to the future.

Any other uses you can think of?


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Nic said...

I sometimes pee in the bath!

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