This week is about alcohol. CAGE is something that doctors use to deduce if a patient abuses alcohol.

C - cut down. Have you ever felt like you should cut down your drinking?

A - annoyed. Do you get annoyed when poeple comment on your drinking?

G - guilty. Do you ever feel guilty when drinking?

E - eye opener. Do you ever use alcohol as an "eye-opener"? (first drink to cure a hangover, or steady your nerves)

If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, you have a unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

To make you feel better I'll give you my answers.

C - yes, especially after a HUGE night, "I will NEVER drink again!"

A -  yes, no one likes to be reminded that they look a bit pissed, when you are trying to appear in control.

G - yes, "should've spent the money on a new pair of shoes."

E - yes, nothing goes down better than a Savannah Light after a big razzle.

So, that settles it, I have a problem...oops. It's not to be taken too seriously, but on a serious note, alcohol abuse is a problem that affects many and if you think you do have a problem, or know someone that does, click here.


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