Blog stats

If you have the priviledge of having a blog, you will know what I mean when I say, looking at your stats can be addictive. This is the page where you can track page views, where your audience comes from and which posts are most popular. But the absolute best part is definitely the keywords, what people type in that may link to your blog. Because I have a foul mouth and write a lot about female genitalia, my keywords are extremely amusing.

lolita cameltoe
breastmilk drinking fuckers
bella twins cameltoe  (go figure)
free lolita cameltoe photos  (what is it with the lolita caeltoe, and WTF is that?)

On google images this is what comes up for "lolita cameltoe"


I don't mind someone pervy coming to my site every now and then, but this just shows that LMM has attracted sickos. Oops!


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