Faux Pas

Ever had an epic faux pas? I have had many. I think it goes with being blonde. My latest one involved telling a new mother with HIV over and over again how to give her baby antiretrovirals. She kept telling me she was negative. Bless. Denial. Until...I realised I had the wrong folder. EISH!

Read about my funniest one here...

The Boyf has his own little faux pas yesterday at work.  He is also a doctor, working in Orthopaedics, but he does some casualty locum work too.This is the BBM I got...

THE BOYF: Just asked a Mom if her child was Down Syndrome.


TB: She said "No."

LMM: Did the child look Down Syndrome?

TB: Yes!

Shame. It happens to the best of us. But there are a lot of people out there who do look DS and aren't!



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