Dear Pregnant Mommies

Dear Pregnant Mommies,

Please do not use Tik whilst you are pregnant and especially not before you come to hospital, in labour. It makes my life very difficult when I have to try and urge you to push out your poor, helpless baby, whilst you shriek and perform like a crazy banshee. Please also admit to using Tik straight off the bat. I can spot you a mile away and even though you deny it, you just have that "tikked" up look about you. It would help if you told us when you last used and how often you did. Please do not curse or spit at me, bite or hit me and definitely do not throw faeces at me.

I would greatly appreciate your cooperation.


Little Miss Medic


1 comment:

Lulu said...

Wow LMM,

That is crazy! Don't know you managed to survive that one! Will the baby be ok if the Mother has been taking loads of tic during her pregnancy??

Lulu x x x

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