I'm back!

So it has been a whirlwind month for me and I am sorry that I had to neglect my blog. Besides The Boyf’s prodigal return from London, moving into a new home and applying for a post to start specializing, we acquired the cutest little creature, called Max. He is a wire-haired daschund cross.

We were super keen to get a beagle, it being THE only breed of dog that we could both agree on, but alas, due to the fact that we own zero furniture and have had to buy everything, forking out R6000 for a dog, was not feasible.

And that is how we found Max. I used a website called Furkidz and stumbled upon an amazing organisation called Second Chance. Max and his 7 siblings had been born to wire-haired daschund mommy. The owner, not wanting to deal with the pups, took them to the local vet to be put down. What an absolute retard! There are never a shortage of good homes when it comes to puppies. I think this crazy fuckwit, needs to have his dog confiscated and should be taken to his local GP for a potassium chloride injection!

Max is the absolute cutest thing since Hello Kitty. He has adapted so well to our humble abode and we love him to bits. Needless to say he can be rather cheeky and I will often find a stray ballet pump in the garden or a new hole that he has dug, but besides that, his sweet puppy breath makes up for it!

Knocked out after a long day of playing

Spot the scrub gown as his blanket :)

First visit to the beach

Look at that face!

So I am back for good and the posts will be flowing from now on!



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Samantha (everythingiheart.blogspot.com) said...

OOOOOH! SO cute! Well done for rescuing him and giving him a loving home x

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