And the winner is.........

I was supposed to announce the winner of my fab giveaway yesterday but unfortunately it was shear chaos in our household and the internet decided to go AWOL!

The winner is Jacci, congrats and please get hold of me on email so I can post the pressies your way!

Rockwerchter was amazing, but I feel slightly scarred. I realise that I am too old to party till 5am 5 nights in a row, dance in the mud and then sleep in a rain soaked tent. I loved it but I can proudly say that that was my first and last music festival! On the 4th night I almost had a break down and demanded that The Boyf drive me back to London IMMEDIATELY! He obviously refused my request and watching Chris Martin rock on the stage that night a mere 10m from me, made it all worth it.

Today I am on my way to Spain for some fun in the sun for the next 10 days. I will try post as much as possible, but no promises! I will post pics soon.........honest :)




Jacci said...

thank you friend.
i'm super excited to be your winner!

check your inbox for my details :)

FarmGirl said...

Congrats Jacci!

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