I am completely unashamed to admit that I am COMPLETELY transfixed and obsessed with watching the Oscar Pistorius trial. I know it's sad, it may be sick to some and boring to others. What fascinates me is that real life law is pretty much just how I thought it would be and "being" in the courtroom feels like a privilege. I have always loved The Law and now we get to be at the coalface of one of the century's biggest trials since OJ Simpson.

I think that without a shadow of a doubt one can see that Oscar is slowly or rather quickly digging an even bigger hole for himself. As Gerrie Nel goes through the events of that evening with a fine-toothed comb, even more irregularities become apparent. Why did Reeva lock the bathroom door? Why didn't he check that she was in the bed? Could he see or not? because he clearly knew where the duvet was. Where were those damn fans?

Instead of being diligent and doing my research, I am perched on the couch in my PJs; tea in one hand and remote in the other (to fast forward the really boring parts). I don't want to miss a word, yet another sob from the ever increasingly whiny Oscar, or even a smirk from the prosecution's team. It is the best reality TV I have ever watched.

I know it is morbidly disgusting to be so engrossed in such a tragic event, but it's not the death I am interested in. I am interested in watching justice being served, in seeing someone finally being held accountable for their actions.

I applaud Gerrie Nel and all other prosecutors who go about their everyday job, with a meager paycheck and none of the pizzazz.




P.S: what is that hearing device that his uncle uses? Looks like an alien radio transmitter.

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SpecialK said...

Me too! It has consumed my life! I'm just so fascinated by it all, but I look forward to having my life back!

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