This week I...

...am on LEAVE!!!!!!! Can I get a woo hoo! I have been dying a slow death inside waiting for this day to arrive. This will be my home for the next week.

A cottage on a fruit farm, with NO electricity. Bliss.

...have been completely shocked by these videos for different reasons.

On first watching this video, I chuckled at the Afrikaans commentary and felt that blue volkswagen got exactly what it deserved. Later that day news broke that the elephant had been put down. Apparently it had been aggressive previously, but if you ask me, those retards aggravated it and when you see an elephant flapping its ears back off. The elephant is such a beautiful animal, it is heartbreaking!

This next video is about a pregnant lady's strange fetish with eating something weird....watch it here.

...have continued the #100HappyDays challenge. Read about it here. It really is making me appreciate the smaller things in life.

Have a great weekend!!!



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