XX or XY

Some patients do not quite fully grasp the severity of some situations.

It happens time and time again, but still amazes me.

Little Miss Medic: Mrs Oblivious, we just need to do another ultrasound today, because at the other hospital they thought the baby could have a severe deformity.

Mrs. Oblivious: OK

LMM: It seems that the fetus has multiple defects. It doesn't have any brain tissue, only has one leg and it's heart is beating far too slowly. It seems that the baby will not be able to survive once born.

MO: I understand, but is it a boy or a girl? Because I already have Johnny and am longing for a pigeon pair. So a girl would be perfect.

LMM: As I said. The abnormalities are not compatible with life. I did not check the sex, but regardless, the baby will not survive.

MO: Yes, I understand all that ,but it is a boy or a girl? Because I only have green and yellow and am dying to buy pink or blue.

LMM: I don't think you follow. The baby will not be wearing any clothes. It will die. Demise. Pass on.

MO: But will the baby be OK?




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