Males and their sport

The other day one of my BFFs were ranting about our significant others and their attachment to sports matches. I have come home many an afternoon, to find The Boyf watching the same cricket final from 1992, in which mullets and the tightie whites reign supreme. He urges me to watch the second ball from the 22nd over, "the one where we bowl an amazing wicket". When I ask why he keeps watching the same match that he has memorized by heart, he replies with a, "but it's so awesome!"

I know I watch a lot of shit TV, from Keeping up with The Kardashians to Honey Boo Boo, but I don't get the point of watching the same match over and over. On a sport filled Saturday, The Boyf has to watch the rugby match build-up from 2 hours before the match. Then the match, during which time talking is strictly prohibited and compulsory snacks of beer and biltong must be had. Then comes the overweight has-beens of rugby, talking about the match. And if that's not enough then come the highlights and 3 hours later, the same fucking match gets watched! It's soul destroying!

I'd far rather watch this!



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