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I haven't done a book post for a while and it's probably because I haven't been reading a lot lately. Living in London, one spends a large portion of the day commuting to and from work. I used this time to listen to my iPod and whizzed through loads of books. Now that I am back in Cape Town; driving to work, coming home to two adorable puppies, who need loads of love and attention, the books have fallen by the wayside.

A colleague told me about this book and I absolutely HAD to read it.

This true story follows Lawrence Anthony as he inherits a herd of rogue, violent elephants. He has no choice  but to take them, saving them from death. His game reserve, Thula Thula, becomes their home, as he fights for their survival, their trust, and finally their friendship.

Lawrence with Nana, the Matriarch.    source

Think this would make a brilliant movie, except for the impossibility of having an elephant as the main lead.



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