King Kong Mommy

Sorry to everyone for being AWOL for the last while, but between trying to keep my head above water with these calls and looking for a place to live, I barely have time pee, let alone blog.

We have this saying in the Obstetric department...

"Nothing brings out the crazy more than a woman in labour."
It is so true and on my first night call I got to see a little bit of that crazy. Women in labour are strange creatures. They will groan, shriek and even sing out in pain. The way they deal with pain, has various spectrums. One particular patient took this to a whole other level. Each time she had a contraction, she would beat her fists against her chest. Just like Tarzan. Or King Kong. It was so funny that I couldn't help from laughing out loud, but she was full on in the throws of her primate rant and did not notice.


She also then tried to bite my colleague, who is a major BITCH  :)



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