After watching this phenomenal movie, I ceased to see things in an ordinary manner. I came home and wondered what was really real.

My clothes?

My home?

My boyfriend?

My cat, Piglet?

My job?

There was little time to ponder these thoughts. I had to go to work.
I parked my car in a doctor’s parking space and shuffled to the Emergency Unit’s front door, my feet heavy with dread. God, I hate this place!
On arrival, I always enter through the waiting room so I can see what horrific patients are waiting to be seen. My eyes scan the full lounge and spot a mother and father with two screaming, snot-nosed children, arguing with the receptionist. I put my head down and try to hide my stethoscope behind my bag, as I quickly amble past them. I hope that I might just be lucky enough for the other doctor to see them.
Most of the shifts have two doctors. And hopefully the other doctor isn’t a complete retard or slow worker, otherwise I refer to it as a -1 shift. If you are the unfortunate one who is doing the night shift, your colleague leaves you at 23h00 to face the masses on your own.
Luckily tonight I’m on with a competent doctor, so I don’t need to spend my entire shift mopping up after their mistakes when they leave. I dump my bag in the tearoom and deposit my collection of caffeinated drinks in the fridge.
I head over to “The Box”. The Box is where all the files of waiting patients are kept. It has a short account of what the patient’s problem is and all their vital signs. Now, the dodgy doctors will read the file and if they don’t like the type of patient they either take the next one or put the file back and disappear. Patient’s we don’t like:

Rectal problem.

Anal problem.

Any kind of ano-rectal problem.

Scrotal problem

Vague abdominal pain.

Old patients.


Basically any kind of patient!

I take the first file and approach the cubicle with the closed curtain. As I draw it back, I see the mother + father + 1 snot-nosed, screaming child + 1 snot-nosed vomiting child. I quickly grab for my finger to feel the ring that I always wear.
My totem.
This isn’t real…
or is it?

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