I HATE teenagers! Almost as much as I hate medical students.

Yesterday I saw a teenage girl in my ward. She was 15. She was admitted because she had started bleeding during her pregnancy. Turns out she can't even stop having sex for 1 day, whilst being 34 weeks pregnant and now has post coital bleeding. 

I ended up discharging her, but she had to wait for her medication.

Might I add, she was chewing pink bubblegum, and continuously popping it in my face.

Annoying Teenager: So Doc, when can I go home?

Little Miss Medic: I told you __________,  that you need to wait for your meds from pharmacy.

AT: *pops giant pink bubble* Well my Mom's waiting for me.

LMM: Well you'll just have to be patient and wait, because the medication is important.

AT: *under her breath* well I'm not going to take it anyway

*I am now busy seeing another patient in the bed next to her and all I can hear is this irritating popping noise*

AT: *says to her friend* I don't see why this nurse wants me to wait even longer. I'm gonna be here the whole day.

*I leave the ward to do an emergency caesar and come back a while later to check some results*

AT: Doc, why can't you go to the pharmacy and fetch my pills, speed the whole thing up?

LMM: Well. my dear, inbetween operating on patients and looking after my ward patients, I do not have the time to go down to the pharmacy to fetch your medication. That is a porters job and as you can see I am busy.

AT: *pop* Busy my ass!



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